The difference between java and python

If you have full stack, which is better to learn java or python? Please include the differences between the two or where do we need each.
Thank you.

This is a very large, very broad question. Can you be more specific?
One language isn’t better than the other. They are just used differently.

What about the other backend languages?
C#, Ruby, PHP, Node? :grinning:

Why are asking about Python and Java?
Can you provide more context for your question?

There are 494 000 000 results of java vs python on Google you can read…

@zak This is a very broad question. I recommend doing this in the read - search - ask format.

When you get stuck, remember: Read-Search-Ask.

  1. Read the documentation or error
  2. Search Google
  3. Ask your friends for help

This is the most time-efficient way to handle being stuck, and it’s the most respectful of other people’s time, too.

Most of the time, you’ll solve your problem after just one or two steps of this algorithm.

Asking a machine is not optimal all the time as asking a real person. Sorry to waste your time.

So are you saying that these languages are similar to java and python?
I just looked node up in google, it says the it is not a programing language.

Node’s a server-side runtime for JavaScript. So you can do “full-stack” development these days with only JavaScript. This is a common approach for web developers because you’re going to have to write JavaScript to be consumed by the browser on the front end anyway.

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@zak No no. This was the process recommended by FCC when doing projects, This is how people usually resolve their doubts. And yes, you are 100% right asking a machine is not optimum all the time but some questions as @Sibert said could be searched.

I’m very sorry if you misunderstood me.


There are similarities to java and python but there are also differences.

It goes back to why are you asking?

Are you asking for employment opportunities?
Are you asking for a specific project that you are working on?

Right now this conversation doesn’t have any direction.
It would help if you provided context for why you are asking about java and python. :grinning:

Doing some pre-research to narrow down your questions and make them more specific is a critical software development skill.

Ultimately, you are going to need to give us some specifics to get a good answer. What kind of things do you want to program? The choice of language depends upon the task at hand.

I like to work in the future in building AR and social networks.
What to add to full stack?

If you want to do WebDev, I would start with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Once you have a handle on those, you can start trying to build things and you will learn what additional tools you need.

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That sounds cool.

I would just focus on following the fcc curriculum and learning a tech stack like the MERN stack just so you understand the basics of how to build full stack apps.

Then once you understand the basics, you can start to learn other languages if they are appropriate for the projects you are working on.

But for right now, just focus on learning the basics and building your first few full stack apps.

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I know that and i know that front end and backend are covered in the curriculum.
But i was thinking to add another object-oriented lang in the far future and i was wondering! That’s all.

Also, freeCodeCamp has a few tutorials on how to build full stack social media apps with javascript and python.

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I think it’s a good idea to learn OO, functional, and procudural languages, but I’d start by getting comfortable with one language first.

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