The JavaScript section is so confusing

The JavaScript section is a lot more confusing than I thought, and has a lot to do with math🤦🏾‍♂️. I kinda understand it but not really I think when I finish this section I’ll be doing it again to grasp the concepts!

As the saying goes, if it were easy, everyone would be doing it :slight_smile:
Yes, there is some math, although basic algebra for the most part. Unless you are going to specialize in highly scientific software with lots of intimidating mathematical concepts and equations, it is completely possible to be a good web developer and just need basic math skills.


It was difficult for me also when i started but with time, i got stronger. Now I can say JavaScript is’nt scarry anymore as it was some months ago. The maths aspect should not also scare you…at the beginning level, its just basic maths knowledge that is required.

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Yeah, the earlier stuff (HTML and CSS) are definitely easier. With JS, you get into “real” programming. It’s more difficult, but that just means you need to slow down. There is a definite slowing of progress once you get into JS, especially when you get to things like algorithms. That is normal.

I kinda understand it but not really I think when I finish this section I’ll be doing it again to grasp the concepts!

Yeah, that sounds about right. There were definitely sections where I thought, “Wow, I did it but I’m not sure what I did.” There were definitely things I had to learn a second (or third) time. Don’t think you have to get everything perfectly on the first pass. Just keep moving and absorbing things.

As to math, yeah, you have to know some math but (as bbsmooth said) unless you are getting into some specialized niche, most of us learned enough math in middle school. I think there is a certain advantage to being able to think mathematically and be good at puzzles, etc, but I’ve also met developers that don’t fit in that mold.

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Hahaha that’s a fact, nothing easy is never worth it. I guess I’ll start brushing up on my math skills😂, but your right I don’t plan on getting into machine learning or anything scientific, so I just need the basics. I will keep studying it after this chapter just so I grasp the concepts

Thanks I like to hear different prospectives like these. Like you said I’ll slow it down, and keep moving trying to absorb these different concepts. An come back to them later to grasp more of a understanding, but I’ll definitely start brushing up on my math skills :sweat_smile:Lol

How long after you completed js section. Did you understand it more then when you first started it?

Yeah, I would add that while you can get by with just basic algebra skill, you should definitely study up on math. For instance, you will need a working understanding of vector math for even simple games with moving object. Trig for dealing with circles. Calculus for figuring out efficiency of you code. I could go on, but in general, the better your math skills are, the more doors will be open to you in the programming world.

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Seriously, people stress out about math. Really, you need a lot less than you think. I’ve tutored grade school kids in math that had enough. When people say you need “basic algebra”, they don’t mean the quadratic formula, they mean things like “Billy has twice and many pencils as Alice and Mike has half as many pencils as Alice - if they have 28 pencils between them, how many pencils does Alice have.” Seriously, that is the level of algebra we are talking about 99% of the time. A little geometry is good - like the area of a circle and hypotenuse of right triangle kind of stuff. Some basic number theory like understanding what exponents are and what prime numbers are, that kind of stuff.

Really, that’s what we’re talking about here. If you feel deficient with that kind of stuff, then you can brush up. If that stuff is easy for you, then you can probably just wing it.

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I really appreciate this information!

I havent completed it yet but i will soon.
I understand it better than when i started.

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Thanks this is actually good to know, because I suck at math. Maybe this is the time for me to suck it up, and take the time out to get a understanding of these concepts. I’m taking my time to learn computer programming which is hard itself Lol

Hi @007Marv !

Here is my story with javascript.

Month 1: Confused :laughing:
Month 2: Getting better but still confused most of the time :laughing:
Month 3: I am able to build basic projects but still have a ways to go. :grinning:
Month 4: Starting to actually enjoy Algorithms and starting to feel comfortable with my first JS framework (React)
Month 5: Back to being confused with Redux but at least React is making more sense :laughing:

The point is that whenever you are learning something new it will be a cycle of
“Oh I get it now” and “wait…What?”

That is just part of the learning process.


Your welcome. Just keep in mind, like @kevinSmith said, you can go quite far with just those basic math skills. So dont let it turn you away from programming. I was simply trying to point out that more math knowledge will help open up more possibilities if you decide to move beyond simple web development.

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I’m in the same boat. Almost done with the Intermediate Algos section, and most of the Basic and Intermediate Algorithms will be needing a second and probably third and fourth pass before some of it REALLY sinks in. I picked up some Intro to Algorithm books that I will be studying intermittently with JS and other programming related topics. Good luck and enjoy the journey.

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What’s the name of the books you picked up. I know headfirst has some good books on these topics !

That is very common. It doesn’t matter how many passes it takes, the point is that you eventually understand it. And as you get more experience, you will begin to develop a “Spidey Sense” about algorithms that will help you.


thanks I really appreciate the support !