The loading of the environment stuck at 'starting virtual server'

This has been happening every time I try to continue my learning. Is there something I have to keep in mind or if there’s a proper logout procedure when you do start the virtual sever later again?

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No, there’s nothing particularly that you need to do to logout. You can even just kill your browser and it shouldn’t affect the loading of the course later on.

There is a problem sometimes with the performance/stability of the Relational Database Courses however.

It can sometimes take up to several minutes on that screen before the course fully loads.
If it seems completely stuck however, you can try keeping that tab open and opening a different course in another tab. This can help the original tab to get unstuck.

Or you can close the tab and try again.

For further information, there is a general troubleshooting guide (linked on the main page for these courses):

Thank you for clarification. :slight_smile:
Will try this.

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