The provided "Build a Simon Game" mp3s cause problems with Chrome 64

I was having some frustrating issues with getting the sound to work correctly in Chrome for several days. After the latest version 64 update, the audio is completely broken (it cuts off prematurely and then refuses to play again). Looking at chrome://media-internals on simonSound1 source gives me this error on three separate computers…

error: audio error during playing, status: PIPELINE_ERROR_DECODE

I used an mp3 validator and got these warnings…

(offset 0x680): Garbage at the end of the file
No supported tags in the file

I think some new files might be needed to prevent this from happening. I’ve already submitted a bug report on chromium since the problem isn’t so bad in version 63, but it looks like the issue might really be with the mp3s themselves.

In case you are still trying to get the sound to work for your project—you may want to consider using the Web Audio API to generate the sound using an oscillator instead, the MP3 clips sound just like simple waves anyway.

Here is a demo that I made on CodePen a while ago if you are interested, the only potentially strange thing that I’m aware of is that the frequencies and waveforms to be generated are stored as data attributes in the button elements. I hope that helps. :slight_smile:

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Thanks. I got pretty obsessed with tracking down the problem I was having with just playing an mp3, but I might try your method because it seems very responsive to rapid clicking.

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