The treemap is here

good day every one
this is my last d3 project in the data visualization section and it took around 2 weeks to finish since this project require a deep dive into d3 functions
but finally here it is

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Looks good! Seems like it meets all the project requirements upon a cursory look.
A few minor details (that aren’t stated in the requirements of the project, but are more related to stylizing and polishing up the visualization than performing the d3 functions):

  • It isn’t immediately obvious to me what units the values represent, perhaps you could place a caption or note somewhere on the page like “Sales in US Millions Dollars” or “Percent of sales” or something like that. Whatever makes sense and is relevant to the data you are displaying.

  • On the kickstarters page, some of the legend text overlaps the treemap making the legend hard to read. Perhaps you could add more space or wrap the text.

  • If I drag the mouse out of the treemap, the tool tooltip for the last area it was on doesn’t disappear like it does in the fcc example treemap (not really a big deal, just means you’d have to adjust the active area or something like that)

  • Finally, I am disappointed that my favorite game Rocket League did not make the list (just kidding… Rocket League is now free to play anyways :slight_smile: )

Other than that. Good Job!

thank you so much for taking the time looking at this project
1- indeed and i had a look about the type of data what does value represent
and its different units for the games its in millions and for the others its just plain sales
when i came to that i thought just leave it since i spent much time on this project and didnt feel adding the logic for the value units type maybe later
2-indeed also some text take way more line but because my wraping regex only split on upper cases litters it require me to edit my regex expression and enhancing it and again i just wanted to move to the back end challenge and i got a good grip for this library
3- i did implemented the on mouseout event in the project but still didnt deploy it
finally rocket league needs its own treemap by itself so maybe one day
thank you so much for your time

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