Things we are working on this year!

Hello everyone!

It’s been a while, and you’re probably curious about what are we building this year.

Quincy typically handles major updates about our community goals—you should follow him on X (Twitter). We make announcements about lots of new curricular content we have been working on to help you in your learning journey.

I just wanted to share a few things from the engineering side that might interest you as a contributor.

Here’s what we’ve been up to and our plans for this year:

  • A new Contributions Platform:

    We’re simplifying our contribute site to make it easier for newcomers.

    The goal is to streamline documentation for the codebases and create a more accessible platform for all contributors. Additionally, our vision is to build a user-friendly site with dashboards & tools for our contributors and mods.

    There is more, we will also build pages to pull stats from our communities to showcase prolific contributions.

    This project is mainly going to be contributor driven. Here’s a project board that we just started.

  • A new Universal API:

    We are releasing a new API backend for the learn platform in a few weeks.

    This project was driven by the classroom-mode team’s needs, but will support new learning experiences. Projects like freeCodeCampOS and the Classroom will be using the API to interact with the learning platform.

    We’re excited about the potential here!

  • A new Curriculum Authoring Platform:

    Remember COM1000?

    I know maintaining challenge editors has been very hard over the years. So, we’re developing a dedicated CMS for curriculum design. This will prioritize curriculum design and streamline content creation.

    The idea is to move away from file-based content to something more dynamically managed. Did you know we have 70,000 files in the main repo as of this post?

Last year, we formed a Platform Engineering Team (PET) to develop tools for our community, including the learning platform, mobile apps, and more. The PET is going to help build the Universal API and Curriculum Editor and guide the architecture for the Contributions Platform.

Interested in contributing? Join us in the forums and Discord channels—we’d love to answer any questions.

Thank you for all your support and contributions.

Happy Contributing!