This course is from scratch to expert?

I am new to programming I have 2 questions

  1. Do all the topics are covered or do I need to have any other source to learn?

  2. I saw on the website to start from the beginning and complete the modules but there are 3 courses python data analysis and machine learning I want to ask if I have to cover those modules as well?

Hi @muhammadammararshad2 !

Welcome to the forum!

There will never be a course that covers everything because there is to much in programming to cover every possible thing.
Plus, technology is always changing.
With that said, freeCodeCamp will give you a good base knowledge on the fundamentals. From there you will continue to practice your skills by building your own projects and eventually apply for jobs.

That depends entirely on what your goals are.
If your goal is to become a front end or full stack developer, then you don’t need to study data science for that.
If you are interested in data science, then I would suggest taking those courses.

Hope that helps!


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