Do the courses for Python/Data Analysis/Machine Learning require pre-requisites?

Do I have to start the tutorials from the beginning or could I directly jump to the course? I mean to ask if I can start with Scientific Computing with Python and go from there instead of all courses at the beginning.

If you have never programmed before, then you will want to do some introductory work, perhaps with our introductory JavaScript lessons or on some introductory Python courses.


You can take the courses in any order you like. Feel free to start where you wish, and if you get stuck, just jump back to an introductory course.


I do have Java development experience but I have been on a career break for 12 years. I am in the exploration phase and trying to figure out if data science is a good option. I have an engineering background. No statistics though.

Then Iā€™d dive into those challenges and see how they work for you. You can always backfill knowledege as needed.

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