This is a solution a found of a question, here i dont understand what is the function of +

var decodeString = function(s) {

  var currentNum = '';

  var currentStr = '';

  var arrNum = [];

  var arrStr = [];


  for(let i = 0; i < s.length; i++){

    if(s[i] >= 0 && s[i] < 10){

        currentNum += s[i];

    } else if(s[i] == '['){



        currentNum = '';

        currentStr = '';

    } else if(s[i] == ']'){

        currentStr = new Array(+arrNum.pop()).fill(currentStr).join(''); //'+" what is this plus?

        currentStr = arrStr.pop() + currentStr;

    } else{

        currentStr += s[i];



  return currentStr;



I don’t understand what you are saying in the title. Can you please provide a link to what you are working on and more fully describe what you need help with? Thanks.

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I’m assuming this is the + you’re talking about. This is a short-circuit way of coercing a value to a number. It is removing the last value from an array, and if it can, making it a numeric value.

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yes now that make sense, thanks a lot!

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