This Is My First Project!

I am new to web coding. Can anyone please comment on my first front end project ?
Link :-
Harsh, bad and every type of comment is accepted.
Have a nice day !

Hello; you need to verify your email address, otherwise we can’t view your project in full page mode.
Come back for feedback after that :wink:

[edit] Also I don’t know why your image url is so long?

Shouldn’;t it be “” instead? ( and then the image shows up, otherwise it doesn’t).

Then give your img a class="img-responsive"> so it adapts to your well.

Well done overall ! Are you going to add some text about Goku?

Thank you very much for checking my work.
Here is the new link :-
How is it now ?

It looks great !

  • Do you notice a change when you don’t set your img-width to 150px?

  • Instead of having your CSS between the <script></scrip> tags, just copy/paste in the CSS window.

  • Another way of setting your border, instead of using three separate lines:

                `border: 10px solid your-color-here`
  • you have a lot of classes etc, it makes it more difficult for you to change the code later. Can you try using CSS selectors like for example ul { color: blabla} ? If you can’t be bothered it’s absolutely fine too for now.

(you might find this useful to have: CSS selectors Cheatsheet )

According to rules I can only use html. That’s why I didn’t use CSS. I am a beginner in web coding and don’t have much knowledge and experience like you.
Thank you for checking again !

There’s nothing in the rules that says don’t use CSS.

Besides, you did use CSS, you just put the code between <script> tags (which is absolutely correct when you want the css to figure in the Html file).

Oh, and believe me, I might be only one step ahead of you. Besides all my remarks were nothing critical, only ways to make things a bit easier for you when you want to go back and improve your code, you’ve done a great job!

I thought you couldn’t use CSS too. but @timotheap is right - the rules don’t actually say you can’t, it’s just something Quincy mentions about his own site in the video.

I think your Tribute Page is great. I was wondering if you tried putting the list in the center?

I did on mine but it took me ages to work out.