This is not really code related question

This is not really code related question but I did not know which section to write so I’m writing it here.
So I have physical disability which makes me limp and cannot really lift heaby stuff. Do you these kind of disability will hinder me from getting a job as a front ended developer? I know I wish we are living in a perfect world where there is no discrimination but at the same time, it is true that there are discrimination so when I go do the interview, i think the interviwer will definately notice my disabilities and i was just wondering if it will give me disadvantage to get the job regardless of my programming skills

thank you

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Hi @limjames86, I don’t like making generalisations, as it depends on a lot of factors, for example work laws/regulations differs according to where you work.

But to cite an example, a former coworker of mine was born with a disability, a deformed arm, and yet was one of the most brilliant front end developer I have worked with.

So it all depends.
But for certainty this alone should not stop you to pursue a career in development if that what your heart desire. :sparkles:

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I don’t think that will stop you to getting a job. In my country at least there are laws against discrimination for disability, and by law some organizations ensure that people get a job, not sure the numbers but it’s like certain % of dev jobs (and other jobs) are meant for people with disabilities.

And my country have some of the worst laboral conditions, so… you get the picture.

It seems like you understand the situation and kinda answered your own question. Its true there is discrimination in this world, as it isn’t perfect. With that said however, your disability shouldn’t have much if any impact on your job search .

Due to the nature of your disability, it should have no impact on your programming/development/software engineering capabilities, and as such shouldn’t have much, if any direct impact on your job.

If you were to be hired for a remote job, it’s also possible for your disability to not even be known.

Software development is a desk job, at most the only thing you may need to carry is a laptop to a meeting. With today’s world, where remote work is much more popular, it is also possible you don’t even need to physically go into work.

Good luck, keep learning, keep building :+1:

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Neither your mobility nor heavy lifting will be job related skills. If you do find yourself needing accommodations (such as a different chair, desk configuration, etc), these are usually very easy for employers to make and I see it done all the time. There is no practical or legal reason for your disability to impact your career as a developer. Ablism and unconscious bias do exist, and can impact interviewers, but you can expect to spend your interview primarily sitting at a table or desk.

I don’t think I’ve ever had to lift anything heavier than my laptop. I’ve worked with a few disabled developers - no big deal. I think the most important thing will be your coding ability.

Will there be discrimination? I don’t want to say and emphatic “no” - there are idiots everywhere. But developers are a relatively enlightened bunch. If there is any discrimination, I think it will be rarer and a lot more mild than you fear.

I can’t speak for the entire coding world, but my experience is that the people with whom I worked would have no problem with it and in fact might have thought of it as a plus - most of the teams on which I’ve worked have treasured diverse backgrounds and experiences. Personally, I admire people that have overcome disabilities.

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