This is only for ppl that knows alot about css + are helpful

how to center google search results

going to use this

i dont know how to do this, seems very hard

what exactly do i need to know

i dont know how to use the chrome inspector thing, is the firefox dev tool thing easier to use?

could also walk me through how to do this extremely complex thing

what’s actually the best good way of doing this extmrely extermely complex thing

hopefully someone out there in the world knows how to do this extermely extemrely complex request

also do you know of a better place to ask this style request?

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You mean in literal way? or are you doing a mockup of google search results?

Literally you can’t do that, you need to modify their source code.
If you are doing a mockup, simply wrap them around center tags or give them margin auto.

ill rewrite the op:

can someone walk me through this?


goal: how to center google search results


or :


whichever you think is simplier

have no idea how to use chrome inspector thing, is it simple?

Wrap the contents you want to be centered like this.


or give your content css property of

margin: auto;

to center them.

If you aren’t sure what I am talking about, I suggest you go to FCC and take responsive web curriculum.

You need to add the scope rule for the site. Then you need to figure out the parent element of the search result and set the CSS.

Or just use an already made style, you can also look at the CSS of the styles to learn more.

Info on writing styles

If you were to write it starting from a blank page you would need to add the scope yourself, the fact that the extension can add it for you does not mean it’s not needed. Also, i don’t really know the extension, i just looked at the documentation.

Look at this to see how it is done (or just install it if you are not doing it to learn but just want the functionality).

that link is not good,

is confusing and leads to the same conclusion as in the op

i dont know how to use the chrome inspector thing, is the firefox dev tool thing easier to use?

it also does not tell what i need to know to do this

are not doing it to learn

said in the op

can walk me through this?

so im very sure its to learn

why is css so complex

and something as basic as just centerring g serach results

is so incredibly hard and complex and nobody knows :confused:

It is not incredibly hard, and what do you mean nobody knows? I already gave a link to how it is done, your task is to learn by looking at the CSS in the link i gave, and learn how to use the dev tools. I already asked you if you are asking to learn and you said yes. So go learn. If i give you all the steps i am giving you the answer, that is not learning, that is simply being shown how something is done.


You come to me and say, man i really want to learn to play this song on the guitar. I then proceed to play the song, look up at you and say “there now you know how to play the song”. No, you don’t know how to play the song, now do you?

link to how it is done

there is absolutely no good links here that shows or explains how this is done

that is what i needed and asked for

does anyone know of an actually good link?

is not incredibly hard

where is good & reliable evidence that shows that this is not incredibly hard?

until i can easily learn this extremely complex thing, then again, like i said, this is incredibly hard

learn how to use the dev tools

where’s a good link that shows how to use w/e this ‘dev tools’ thing is?

there’s basically nothing good out there

i need actually good sources for accurate usable actually helpful info such as:

You won’t learn anything with that kind of attitude. Your definition of hard seems to be something that you have to actually apply yourself to learn, if so yes this is hard, you won’t get it for free and it will take some effort.

There are tons of good resources, this is the Internet, you can basically learn anything from baking a cake to rocket science (rocket science is hard). Web development learning resources are no exception, on the contrary.

This is not the help desk for Stylus. The FCC forum is for people that are learning web development.

The Stylus documentation states

If you know CSS external link, you can write your own styles.

You do not know CSS so you will not be able to write your own styles.

The link to FreeCodeCamp in that statement was for people that might want to learn CSS. Since you don’t seem interested in learning CSS then there is really not much for you here.

That still leaves you with some choices though. You can find and use a style written by someone that does know CSS (and possibly alter it to your liking), you can Google “centering with CSS” and probably come up with an adequate solution, or you can reconsider you goals and dedicate some time to learning a minimum of CSS that will allow you create a Stylus stylesheet at some time in the near future.

A good first shallow pass would be to kill an afternoon going through this tutorial

Afterwards, if you’re still interested in learning web development consider FreeCodeCamp or a good book to further you CSS knowledge.

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look at facts: ppl ask about python

stylus web dev

  • seems like you dont know anything about web dev chrome extensions ok, that means you wont be able to help

  • see title of the op before clicking on it

also read front page: is a tiny non-profit that’s helping millions of people learn to code FOR FREE.

questions are still unanswered


  • there’s 100% absolutely no good content on the web

  • that youtube is confusing and nobody knows how to use chrome dev tools

  • still need an actually good link to the questions

you arent going to be helpful with links to confusing youtubes that do not tell us how to use chrome dev tools

need actually good links to the questions

You want to centre align the google search console? Hit F12, edit as html then try this:

<div align="center">

You aren’t really making sense in what you are asking.

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