Tip Calculator App

Hello again everyone. I was looking up basic ideas to work on JavaScript knowledge. I came across a tip calculator as a potential idea and decided to go with it.

I created it from scratch and within around 30ish minutes I had it completely finished. Possibly too basic of an exercise for me but it was fun! I learned some new JQuery as well like .toFixed()

Check it out!

If anyone has slightly more advanced ideas for me to try and tackle shoot them my way. Looking for a bit more of a challenge


How do you define ‘slightly more advanced’ ideas?

  • Pulling API data?
  • Trying a framework like Vue / React?
  • Adding a backend?

Which FCC projects have you finished / particularly enjoyed? The projects alone teach lots of concepts.

You should also think about what if someone puts in incorrect data. I.e. split by 0 people or negative number of people. Or initially selects split but then changes to not split the tip

Thanks for the additional ideas @Mknight492 I will look into that

I’ll be honest I didn’t really enjoy the way FCC courses teach. It almost assumes you know certain things when I do not. I completed the intro to JavaScript and intro to JQuery on Codecademy and really enjoyed both courses

I want to learn the MERN stack eventually but I don’t know if I should really master JavaScript first before I dive into react or learn node first. What do you think?

You can ignore the curriculum and just do the projects. They are good beginner level projects and build up in complexity as you progress.

Learning React will really boost your JavaScript, too, so don’t worry about jumping in before mastering js.