To learn or not to learn: location as an issue

Hello everyone.

I’ve been a FCCamper since last year, when I got interested in learning code and discovered this amazing place.

I worked on the curriculum until I embarked on a long journey around the world and now I’m back home, with some serious doubts about continuing this other journey (coding).

I feel now highly demotivated to continue my apprenticeship in the web development world. I deleted all my progress in order to start the curriculum again (as I forgot most of what I learnt last year) but now I realized that I live in a place with zero opportunities for self-taught developers (or even graduate developers at all). I live in one of the Canary Islands, Spain. I know that there are job offers in other islands (well, not too many) but not where I live. Seeing a job offer related to IT is something pretty uncommon.
I know there are web design agencies here but they do not recruit people at all (I talked with a few professionals already). There is a 2-year web development course that can be taken here, and the students need to do an internship in the second year in order to earn the certificate, so I suppose that’s where agencies get their employees from (if they need any). I can’t take this course as the only option is full time and in-person (a man needs to work).

What could be a real solution without having to relocate? Is remote work / freelancing a real outcome for an amateur / entry-level developer like me?

Thank you for taking your time! :slight_smile:

P.D: I hope this is the correct category for this topic. I wasn’t sure.

I can’t answer on the question of there being remote work, free lance as I have not looked into those myself, and I know nothing of your coding abilities to give a good answer.

What I can say is before you start looking…really make sure this is something you want to continue to do. If you don’t love doing this, it doesn’t please you, you don’t like sitting there thinking over a problem. Then all honestly it’s just going to be a big headache. It’s still a headaches for me, but I find all of this exciting, and I love sitting down and learning what else coding will let me do. Do what you really love, there’s no point of going through this headache, and long term of learning if it’s something you think you will grow bored of. Before you seriously look for a job…go back through a few lessons, and honestly see if this is something you really feel like doing everyday.

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I think you should be ready to look for jobs in another cities and abroad. Maybe you need to save money to move to another city or country and stay there for a couple of years, to get enough experience.

Stay working in other area and to remain employable as a web developer is a very hard work and it’s not sustainable in the long term, you need to get your first web development job, no matter where.

And, you don’t need to remember everything you learn here. Instead, you need to understand the concepts and be able to get the job done using any resources you want as a reference.

Besides, you need to complete your portfolio here and your profile in linkedin.

Anyway, you should look for suggestions from people who, at least, already got her/his first or second web development job.

My own situation has many similarities to yours, so I wish you fulfil your goals.


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