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Hi Everyone
(Sorry in advance, my mother tongue isn’t English)
I’m seeking information because I wanna become a Web Developper.
I currently live on Saint-Pierre & Miquelon islands (only french territory in North America) and job opportunities in web dev are slim to none…
As I will ask for financial support to pay a training, I need a kind of market analysis to confirm that my idea of working remotely is possible.
So, if you could answer my quick form and/or share it with anyone who is willing to answer, it would be great.
Thanks and have a great day !

Bienvenue - sorry that’s about all I remember from my high school French. That and something about a green worm going towards a green glass and something about plucking a nice bird.

I won’t fill out your form because I’m not a hirer.

Also, keep in mind that I am not an expert.

Is it possible to get a job working remotely in a small island off the coast of Newfoundland? Sure. There are a lot of remote jobs working anywhere you want, where they don’t even care. There are people doing this that are changing countries every month. Is it easy to get these jobs? Not really. Is it easy getting one of these jobs as your first job? No, I would not expect that to be easy. I think most places would be wary about hiring someone they’ve never met and has no track record.

But there are paths to success here. There are a lot of jobs, but it is also hard to get that first job. Should you “ask for financial support to pay a training”? I guess the market analysis you want is “will I get a job”. Probably eventually.

If you can get training somewhere, it might be good to move to a large city. If you can get into a school or bootcamp there and make some connections. Your first job might have to be in a big city, but after a few years you could probably turn that into a remote job.

If you want to stay in the outre-mer and do it the self-taught way, that might be a little tougher. You could work really hard on FCC (or something like it, plus some other things), you could learn a lot in a few years. Maybe there is a school on the island. But you’re still going to have a hard time getting that first job. You could go the freelance job and just take a lot of jobs on a freelance site. You’re often in competition with people working for very cheap. But after a while, you might build up a decent reputation. And one of those clients may decide to hire you or refer you. It’s possible. But I still think getting that first “real job” is going to be tough. Getting it under normal circumstances is difficult enough.

I wrote a thing on getting a job - maybe it’ll help. But I would definitely recommend reading as many stories and listening to as many podcasts as you can stomach.

But I think the real question is whether or not you want to do this. This is hard work. And yes, it pays great, but that is after years of struggling. If you really want to do this, then it is probably what you should do. Find a way to make it work. If you are willing to move away from Saint-Pierre & Miquelon for 5-10 years, I think you greatly increase your chances - it will be hard, but you will almost certainly find something and with some experience you will be able to find the job you want. If you want not to leave Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, then I think it is going to harder. It is still possible, but it is going to take longer and may not lead to as good of a job.

Again, I’m no expert. Those are just my thoughts based on limited observation.

Thank you so much for your answer !
I know that it’s gonna be tough, and I Really want to make it. When I left my island for my studiesafter an accounting diploma with IT options( 15 years ago) , it was to stydy in IT. Unfortunately after a family drama I had to quit and come back asap to find work. So I had several jobs of different kind . My last job was Adult Teacher for 3 years, in the only Training Center of the archipelago. We were economical fired in 2019 december , and I have the opportunity of Being trained in web dev by a school in mainland ( a part time remote and part time by visio) so it’s the perfect way for me. The problem is that in France we pay taxes on our salaries which the aime is to have funds especially created for trainings , but on our archipelago, those funds are percepted by a collectivity, and even if they say that we can ask whatever we want to be trained for(they even quote an astronaute training as example) , in reality it depends on if they Like you or not and it also depends on their mood. Soooo I want to put all the chances on my side.
Plus in the future, the collectivity wants to develop IT , become a data center etc…
It could be a positive point for me.

Regarding the training, intership and job :
The school offers a convention for internship, and the help of their partners as Well. I guess it’s gonna be easier. I successfully passed their entry exam . On my free time, I learn by myself , I Began courses on FCC as Well, and a group of friends asked me to join them in their projects ( web radio ; recycling workshop…) when I’ll be ready.
I am Really motivated , and I forgot to mention it, I am almost bi lingual ( english french), but error is human :smile: that is why I always mention that english isn’t my native language

Talking about your french class remainings, those kind of sentences are comfusing because it’s all homophones (" le ver vert vers le verre vert verrent le pic vert "or something like that :wink:)

Well, it sounds like you have a plan. Yes, it is possible, especially if you have determination and aptitude. You can read my story in the doc I linked, but I got my first dev job at 49 after two years of hard self-study.

Yeah, I remember my French teacher teaching us, “Le verre vert va vers le verre vert.” (I’m sure there are different variations.) Of course, English should get too cocky - we have “Buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo.”.

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