To revisit old solutions?

I have finished basic algorithm course and I was wondering if it was smart to revisit the old solutions and try to find a better one or countinue with the rest of the FCC?

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Thx @Roba94 for asking this question, since I’m at about the same stage as you and asking myself the same question :). I’ll be looking forward to the answers then.

I’ve been at this a couple of months.
I first started out kinda lost because I wasn’t entirely sure what to study.
I needed a well-laid out plan but was at a loss as to what I should study and when.
A programmer friend of mine recommended FCC.
Since then, I’ve learned that while FCC is a wonderful outline and gives extremely helpful challenges to get us prepped for what is to come and what we should (likely) be studying, it is up to us to take the additional steps in our learning. I’ve since signed up for additional courseware elsewhere that “fills in the gaps of my learning” in order to strengthen my foundations in HTML, CSS, JS, etc…I’ve only put the progress on my FCC on hold while I am working to improve these skills before I go back to tackling JS. I also got a freelance job building a website for a community group and have spent the last month working on that. So between my full time job, a website build, and various courses I’ve been busy. Once I hand off the website project, I intend to return to my FCC. I’d say there is nothing wrong with slowing down where you need to and picking up tutorials and help from other resources either alongside your FCC work or put it on pause if/when you need to. The only person you are in this “race” with is yourself. It takes time to learn new languages, and while I’d love to just know it all now, I’m taking the time to make sure I understand as much as I can before moving along to the next language. Again, this is me. There are others out there whom have zipped through these lessons and seemingly know it all. I however, need to take the time to plod along in order to get some of the more complex concepts of JS.

I hope something I said was helpful. In the end, it’s up to you if you feel continuing with FCC, putting it on pause, or learning in parallel is your best bet. Again, FCC is a great guideline with a wonderful community of people here to help. But as they’ve been telling us, if we don’t know something we should research, research, research, as that is what programmers do every day.

Best of luck to you both.

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Oh, as for the algorithms, I think it’s wise to perhaps go back and rework a few that really challenged you in hopes of finding other solutions. Worst thing to happen, you learned a new way to solve an old problem.