Today's Weather (Local Weather page): Opinions

I finished my own local weather page and I like it a lot:

I’ll be happy if can give me some feedbacks on it :slight_smile:

Note: Doesn’t seem work on Chrome


hey its good and clean very nice good work. just one thing when you switch to f. from c. the temp runs on the 0000000000000

Yeah, it’s a strange bug.
Looks work correctly for me (

Can you tell me what’s the temperature in celsius?

If it’s 0 I suppose geolocation not work (or you’re in a very cold country).

its 21 degrees in celsius on my end

For the temperatures, you could use .toFixed(1) to solve the .000000 issue

I tried using Math.floor, it seem work.

works like a charm now good stuff

I can confirm that this is not working in Chrome. Looks like you’re using “navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition” which only works in Chrome over https. There are several threads in the forum covering this topic :slight_smile:

Look at my project :sunny: