Tool for for easy creation challenges in the browser

Hi, I saw in the contribution guide that you follow a specific pattern for creating “challenges”. I would like to simplify this process so that all this can be easily created and edited. For example, to edit, you need to insert a link to a file in the github, after which my tool will read the file and paste it into the required input fields. It will be more convenient than editing directly on a github.

Especially I want to simplify the writing of tests, it is not convenient to edit them in the file. Also, I could try running tests directly in my tool on the code under test, so that people could make sure that everything works.

My tool will generate the desired chalange file which you only need to save on the github.

Was there already a similar idea?

I could spend 10 hours a day working on it if you are interested.

Do you need such a tool?

I think such a tool would be absolutely wonderful, and it’d not only help with course development on FCC, it’d also help turn the FCC platform into a fully reusable one for other courses. I don’t have a lot more to add beyond that, but I’d be eager to see what you come up with :+1:

You may want to check what future updates of the curriculum are programmed:

@chuckadams @ilenia

I made a prototype. You can specify a link to the file and thus edit the challenge or create a new challenge. With the form it is much more convenient than editing a regular file. The finished result of the form can be seen at the bottom of the page or by clicking on the button on the right (SHOW RESULT).

Write whether I should continue to develop this project. It is important for me that this tool is used by those who create or edit the Challenge. Could you share these projects among developers of Challenges?

I can do a lot more, but I need motivation. For example, I want to run the tests so that I can test them when writing right there. A complete list of what I want to do is on the github at the end of the description.

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:astonished: wow, that is impressive.

Given how the curriculum is planned to shift to being project-based, I imagine that could mean changes to the current challenge course format. Still, I imagine this tool could evolve in parallel with the new course format, especially if it can run the tests as the content is being written. Something like a jsbin with built-in unit testing, so to speak.


It is not yet clear how long version 7.0 will be done, I don’t really understand the format of writing projects in version 7.0, but when this is clearer, I will probably create a similar tool for version 7.

While version 7 is not done yet, people can use this tool. But for someone to start using it, they need to be distributed.

To work on this tool, I need further confidence that this will be necessary, there must be users, then I can continue to actively develop. Otherwise I will abandon the project.

Will you help me with the distribution of this tool?

Given that the FCC maintainers are dealing with over 3000 open pull requests, it might take a little time for them to get back to you. It looks like the beginnings of a killer tool (again, I think running the tests would be awesome), and well worth some patience.
Even if FCC itself doesn’t pick it up right away, it’d still be useful in getting some future site using FCC’s platform up and running with its own curriculum.

This is pretty cool! Thanks for building this and sharing it. I can see some contributors finding this to be a helpful alternative to manually creating the markdown files.

We will know more about how we’re going to structure the new challenges next week.