Tracking progress

How do you complete the Introduction to Basic HTML and HTML5? I have finished all the other sections in that and several other sections, but the overall HTML doesn’t show complete. Makes it difficult to keep track of what is left to complete.

There is a bug related to the very first lesson which is causing this. It’s being worked on.

I was working through the curriculum and now thw whole thing has changed. My progress is now all over the place


More lessons have been added. Some are earlier in the curriculum than your last completed challenge. Some are later. You can use the curriculum page to go directly to whatever section you are interested in learning about and working on. None of the non-project lessons are required, so you are free to decide never to look at them.

thanks. ill try figure it out.

I appreciate the work and effort that goes into running this fir free,

Thanks for your patience. Change can be scary, but you’ll be surprised how quickly this will feel normal. Happy coding!

Thank you for the update.