Translating a website with custom text using Bootstrap!

What is the best way to translate a website that I coded using HTML5/CSS3 and the help of bootstrap? I already have the text with the translated content. I just need to know how to plug it in.

What I’ve always done: duplicate every page of the website and translate it there. Then I put a FR/EN button that brings you from one page to the other, but I know it’s so inefficient (if I wanna make changes to the site, I need to do it twice). Is there a stack I can use and just switch between english and french? I’d need to translate everything, including the texts on buttons.

I’ve tried searching online but I can’t find anything. Only people offering translation services or google translate.

You should look at localization/i18n. I haven’t translated sites with pure html/css but you could easily incorporate some JavaScript to make translations easier.

This blog looks good.