Tribue page of Bruce Lee

Here is my tribute page of Bruce Lee.
After 5 days of learning HTML and CSS so any feedback is welcome,especially critics,what could be done better,any mistakes maybe?
Thank you. Cheers.
Here is link:

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Well done! You made the right choice with the typography :slight_smile:

Just one thing. The main text have too much space on the right IMO.

Did you visit that link from mobile phone?

Yes. The screenshot is from my phone.

So I have made it, fixed misstakes. Updated website,made some changes.
It now looks good on Phone as well, btw that was pain to make,but a really good experience.
Overall with this website making I gained alot of experience and now I know better how to use Google.
"If you don’t find something on Google,then Google once again. "Thats how I was working and solving my problems,which I had a lot of.

Hats off to you I like the site. I am working on my tribute page and DAMN. urs is so good!

Thank you very much! I appreciate!
It took me a lot of time,simply because I was pushing my self more than I needed, simply because of my curiousity and will to make it look better, then it is,just simply using tools which I learned, HTML and CSS.
Just don’t give up. You will get it. Just use Google.
When I had problem or I didn’t know how to make something, that I imagined in my head,I googled. Alot.
Good luck with you Tribute Page, I hope I will check it, when you are going to be done.

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