Tribute page - Astor Piazzolla

Here is my tribute page about a great musician!
The result is quite similar to the example:

  • The code was build in bootstrap 4;
  • Changed the font;
  • Did some css minor adjustments.

Thanks for the feedback!

So far so good. I would make the picture a little bit smaller on big screens. It really huge.

Happy coding!

ill rate the design 80% because its not that contrasted nor blurred. Its not that colorful yet the mix of colors is not that disturbing, the responsiveness to 90%… although there are some overlappiing text on smaller screens, considering the fact that you only used bootstrap and no media queries its almost perfect! to sum it all up, its good!

You can also visit my tribute page here and i appreciate feedbacks:

You are right, I will make it smaller on big screens!
Thanks SpaniardDev!

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Thanks Lagdave! I like those neutral greys and whites. You have right about the overlapping I tried to use the most of bootstrap…
But this has nothing to do with your project. Congratulations! Great job! You have much more experience than me!
Really enjoy to read through your code!

Nope youre wrong when you said, i have more experience than you! Well, if you coded 1 week ago only, then i can say, i have more experience than you!.. LOL… Im just 2 weeks old! For you to lean more, dont focus on free code camp! After you finished 100+ and is asking for a project, do not make it immediately, learn more about what it taught you like, more bootstrap, more html, more css, there are lots of materials available on the net and youll be glad if you do the same thing as i do! GodSpeed! and Goodluck!

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