Tribute Page by Me :)

Greetings from Pakistan,

First of all, I would like to say,

Hands down to this fabulous platform. I’m Learning so much from it. I really appreciate the People who made this platform for people like us. Much Respect!!.

Secondly, I’m a junior frontend web developer and I noticed that my basics are little weak specially when it comes to responsiveness. To overcome my weaknesses, I joined this platform to learn from Senior developers.

Here’s my Tribute page link,

Any sort of suggestion is welcome. :slight_smile:

Pretty good, but could the top cover the whole page?

You mean could the whole page turn into black? :slight_smile:

No, i mean have it width be 100%. Give the body a margin of 0 so the annoying white border is gone.

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Done. Thanks a lot. I though it was due to codepen’s window. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Very nice.

One issue I see:
The tribute heading runs off the page on small screens.

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Thanks for your time. Your link is not opening at my side but I’ve added media query for small devices. :slight_smile: