Tribute Page--David Mitchell

Hi! Here’s my first project: a tribute to one of my favourite authors, David Mitchell. It’s basic, but I like how I (finally!) managed to align the pictures into columns. The pictures of the books link to Amazon. Feedback welcome!! :slight_smile:

Consider adding col-sm-6 to your book <div>s, so it looks nicer on smaller screens. Then add the center-block class to the book images to center them in their containers.

The large font size of the title is not mobile-friendly. You might have to throw in a media query to reduce its font size on mobile.

On the other hand, the HTML is nicely coded :thumbsup:, though you might want to use <span> and CSS to underline text rather that use <u> (see usage note on MDN).

Thank you kevcomedia! I’d forgotten to consider mobile screens. I’ll update the code. :slight_smile: