Tribute page done and ready for submission?

Hello everyone. I finished my tribute page with all 10 tests passing. I looked at some other posts and saw you need to run it through that html check and css check after your done. I fixed all the html errors then got more lol its done and error free. Thank you everyone for your support and tips during my meltdown when I got to the project. Now I submit it and move on to the next one? I cant wait to see the next user stories and have another panic attack. Thanks.


run the tests, your project passes 9/10

press the red button to see which tests are not passing, and below it the error gives ofteb useful info on why the test is failing

Wow that’s odd was 10 before I ran the HTML. Says 10/10 Again Ty I must have accidentally did something.

Now it’s a mess again failed the HTML check fixed it now failing 3 tests

you never close the <div id ="img-div"> on line 7

you never close the <li> on line 28

you need to add a closing tags in the right places

When i close the div after the img alt= i pass 10/10 but get a bunch of errors on the html checker when i take the div out there and move it to line 7 i fail 3 tests the img-div should have the img element. i really dont get it before i was 10/10 with no errors in the html checker and now i must have jus made a messs out of the whole thing… ill have to review it all. i definitley didnt have an open

  • before.
  • ieahleen or someone can you please check it for me im now again getting 10/10 and no errors in the html checker just want to confirm. ty

    yes, it seems you fixed anything wrong in the syntax

    Happy Coding!

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    Awesome! Thank you so much for your help.

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    The page looks good so far! Maybe it’s just me, but I think the img should have some breathing space at the top (some white space) and also the fig caption all around. Maybe you try it and see if you like it better.

    Your page looks good @jayd. Something to revisit;

    Thank you all for the feedback and thanks for the Lesson review Roma I will definitely go over it. I do plan to spruce it up a bit more in the future Im honestly just still very new and there are alot of things I dont know. I was wondering if maybe I should find an intermediate html css lesson . Or since I didnt know how to write one line of html or css fcc has worked magic and I should keep winging it with what Ive learned.