Tribute Page done but not uploaded yet

Hi everyone,
im a young chicken programming, actually its my first time using any programming language and doing well so far according to me:-)
my tribure page is complete and i would to know what is the next step to complete the task and move forward? please help and thanks

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Nice work!

If all the tests pass, you can upload on a site like Codepen and paste the link into the “Solution” field.

After that, you can share the link in the forum and ask for feedback if you want.

Or, you can move on to the next challenge or project.

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Thanks wanzulfkri for your quick response,
where can i find the test box?

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The tests are here:

Just paste your code in the respective sections, and click the top left burger menu to open the test suite. If you’ve signed up for an account, you can fork (copy the template) the site and make it a part of your account.

If you pass all the tests, you can submit the solution on the project instruction page.

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