Tribute page - Elon Musk - feedback requested :-)

Hi everyone,

I’m nearly finished with my tribute page and would really value any feedback as to how I could improve it or solve any technical issues I may not have noticed. Even some additional feature suggestions would be really cool if anyone has any!

Please note that my HMTL is a little strange in places as I’ve had to use some redundant divs and ids to make my page pass the tests, but hopefully it makes sense what I’m trying to achieve…!

Again, any feedback you may be able to offer would be really awesome - thanks everyone in advance.


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Good Work…keep learning and learning

Looks great. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys! Really appreciate it.

Any other feedback anyone? Especially interesting in how well I’ve managed to implement semantic HTML with this project since it’s something I’m new to…

use of little more CSS would be fascinating i guess.