Tribute Page: Elon Musk! Looking for feedback please!

Hello everyone!

I just completed my tribute page and I spent more time than I first expected to on it, and I’m fairly happy with how it turned out. I tried a take on a flowchart type look for a timeline, and as it uses a back and forth approach, I can understand if some people don’t like reading right to left on some lines.

Looking for feedback on it, especially if there is a more efficient way to code my end product. I used bootstrap a little, and CSS but no jQuery yet!

Thanks for your time and feedback!

Tribute: Elon Musk

Sorry for late reply, but here is my review:

I really like it a lot - very unique, and I like the side-by-side munk/companies idea at the top;however, the compaines could be a little smaller on mobile. I do not like the timeline though. On mobile, the arrows are screwed up. On desktop it is very hard to read. I want to look and at a glance get an idea, not moving my eyes all over the page. Here are some timelines I can read a lot better:

Bottom line, kudos for going all out. I really like the links to his project pages, and overall the design is nice, simple, and not cluttered. Try to make mobile layout a little better, redesign your timeline, and I almost forgot - you have a horizontal scrollbar on desktop (that’s a big no-no). Keep doing the good work, I hope to see more of your work in the future. Happy coding!