Tribute Page Feedback - I promise it will be fun to check

Hi awesome community.

Test script just went green for the Tribute Page project from Responsive Web Design Certification module:

The problem is… It’s not very responsive at all!

This is my first piece of CSS, and as I am really easy to get carried away, It ended forming into some kind of playground, with a lot of unrequired “features”. A lot more complex than it should be. Result: bad mobile support.

However, I can’t figure out what is making the image to stretch out when @media gets below 800px.

For the brave souls that might be checking the code, there are some unused color CSS variables. These would be used for a theme button.

Any feedback is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance.


Alright, found out.

.contained-imgs had no “align-items” property, whose default is: stretch. Lil’ bastard was the root of the problem.

Anyways, I still wanna some feedback, please!
And it does not have to be regarding the code at all. Just throw in your two cents :upside_down_face:

Hello Jonatas. I just started looking at it.
I think it has the same kind of feel as FCC, and you did include some additional features. Good.

You could change the colour of that hold me thing so that it is more visible.
Kindle Fire viewport causes your header text to overflow.

Above the what?

Whoopsie, that surely does not shows good on kindle…

For me, it’s showing up like this:

And it also does not overflows at Chrome tools for mobile testing…

Compatibility was not presented yet, so I did not use any “-webkit” features…

Have you tried clicking and holding the HoldMeDear thing? It actually was supposed to be discreet, one of those “ahá!” moments.

But indeed, it feels much better in white now, thanks!

Considering it is a “my first code” experience, it’s not that bad, is it?

It looks nice, more responsive now until ~250 px. @QuincyLarson would LOVE to see his.

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I love your animations! Seeing your tribute page makes me fell like i should add some animations on mine too. It makes the site look “alive”!

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It’s a very good start.

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He is the obvious choice for many when it comes to the tribute page, after all we could only be here thanks to his ideas and dedication to make FCC a reality.

Right now he wouldn’t see much, Git (where I host the images) is down. :sweat_smile:

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Oof :frowning: Hope it’s back on soon

It’s back already :stuck_out_tongue: