Tribute page feedback - Mark Dean

Hey Everyone,

First of all I am new to html/css/javascript. I just finished my tribute page and I want your opinion on it. Whether it is good or bad. And most importantly what I can do to improve. My goal is to eventually get a job as a full stack developer so I want to get better every day. Please see the link below to my tribute page

Thanks and God bless you,


The page is responsive and, as far as I know, this is the biggest issue you could have fallen into when facing this challenge so good work! ^^
To improve the code a bit you could use the figcaption tag in place of the h5 ( here is a reference: W3School - figcaption tag ) and wrap the whole block into a figure tag ^^
I would try to use another tag for the quote too instead of the h1 (maybe a blockquote) - headings are cool but they are made to highlight different heading :stuck_out_tongue:
Wikipedia says something about a blog: it could be a nice link to add!

About the css, I noticed you used a lot of id targets: try to use classes instead, the abuse of id targeting is considered a bad practice ( security issues if I remember correctly ^^ )

Good job anyway! :smiley: