Tribute page feedback needed

Hi guys! Could you please take a look at my tribute page project? Tip: color pallet imitates Dalai Lama’s colors. But i heard from couple of people that it doesn’t look very attractive.should i change it? Thank you for input!!!

Hey! I would say the color pallet is kind of basic and the layout is also very basic.
To make it more attractive is all a matter of design. Check out websites for Buddha Temples and check out their color schemes and their layouts. It’ll give you an idea how to format your page to look more appealing. :slight_smile:

Good work :slight_smile:

The color of the font in the tribute page, especially red, might make it difficult for some to read. Try using a lighter shade.

One resource i would recommend for checking web accessibility for the color contrast that we choose in our websites.

contrast checker

Also please review my works here :blush:

Hi @Cowwy! Thank you for comment. I will work on improvement. Just asking, you saw example tribute pages right? The whole project is pretty basic and supposed to be completed in html and css only. Do you mind to share your tribute project so i could see what are we dealing with?)))

Color contrast is bit too high. You have forgotten to add an opening tag for the second unordered list.

Add another Rule in your stylesheet as below.

 ul {
    width: 90%;

You can change this percentage as you like. :slight_smile: