Tribute Page Feedback: Nikola Tesla

Hi @joshkemmer, welcome to the forums. That’s a nice looking tribute page. I only have one thing to mention.
It’s a nit but in HTML5 using semantics, the <strong> tag and the <b> tag have a different meaning even though each of them render the same. Around your dates you should use the bold tag. (As an aside, the italics (<i>) and emphasis (<em>) tags are the same way. That is, they render the same but have different meanings as when to use one versus the other.)

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Hey @Roma, thank you for the warm welcome!

That makes sense, I appreciate the feedback. So <b> is just to set the enclosed information apart visually, whereas <strong> has semantic meaning to it?

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I just built mine :smiley:

Yours is way more creative. I will be improving on later.

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You can read more about the element usage here if you want.


Yes @joshkemmer, that’s correct. And from the post above you can read up on it. I still mess them up occasionally.

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Thank you guys! I appreciate the clarification.

@lasjorg, so, the importance to use the right one is SEO related?

It’s more a matter of correct HTML semantics. I strongly doubt search engines will care.

This is an older video but I think the same applies today


Thanks once again!

In practical terms, where could it make any difference in code output/debugging/processing?

I really wouldn’t worry too much about it. Just use the most semantically correct elements, there is nothing lost in doing so and nothing gained by not.

Unlike document structural elements like nav, main, section, article, etc. where using correct or incorrect HTML semantics might have more a tangible outcome. Using the <b> element over the <strong> or vice versa is not going to be as important. I do believe both <em> and <strong> can potentially be interpreted by screen readers and the intonation of the words can change.

Good HTML semantics can help both human and automatic parsing of the document. Any automatic parser going through the document can have rules for how to interpret the markup and having correct HTML semantics gives the document a better chance of being interpreted correctly. For humans, it can help the reader find relevant parts of the document quicker and may also provide some context.