Tribute Page - Feedback Requested

Hello All,

I’ve just about completed my tribute page. I still have two weird issues I’m trying to fix, but I’d like some feedback on the code I’ve written.

The two known issues I’m trying to solve are:

  1. The doesn’t appear to be centered and the background color doesn’t fill the entire width of the page. I’ve tried both auto and 100% for the width.

  2. Something is messing up the Barrio font in my h2 element causing the letter “N” to have an outline of sorts.

I’m not just looking for advice on those issues though. I’m still trying to get the image to scale and appear larger on my phone. I tried to build it with accessibility in mind. It passes all of the tests for the project. I want to know if there is anything I can improve about it because I know it’s not a very high-quality page.

hi @miles

try this link it might help you with

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The link you’ve provided gives a 404 error when trying to go to it. Did you delete the pen?