Tribute Page | Feedback

Hi everyone, I just finished my first project and need to now how you see this page. It’s help me to improve my skills and get best view for the page

Thank You!

Your font hierarchy is good. Good contrast,easy to read. Your first image is your widest so everything should have the same center as it since that’s the page layout you chose. The centering is slightly off, but it is noticeable. Use the full page view in codepen to check your work. You chose to connect sections together with a line of some sort which is a good visual element ( a vertical timeline). It’s beyond the level of coursework so far IMO. Since you used it I’ll say why are all the segments different colors?
BTW his name changes in 1011.
In summary, a long skinny centered page is a tried and true layout, hard to beat, that’s why all the blogs use it. Just tighten up the centering and check it with full page view

@eslam Oops! I forgot to check your code. You’re only supposed to use each ID once. You’re using id="tribute-info" like a class on your <p> elements. change it to class. The entire timeline section should be inside one element either a <div> or <section> with the id="tribute-info" would be good. Then you could select the <p> with #tribute-info p since you only use one <p> per timeline segment without needing a class on the <p>.

Are you on linux? You used open sans which isn’t normally installed on Mac and Windows systems, so my OS picked an italic san serif font which doesn’t have a heavy font-weight until 600. How did you arrive at 545? When using font-weights you need to check the font to see what weights it provides. That’s why just font-weight: bold; is used a lot. Especially in web fonts, often only one normal and one bold weight is included. So, could you choose a fallback font or include open sans as a web font?

I hope I didn’t overwhelm you.

Thanks, @tlc35us . It’s greet feedback

First of all,
Yes, i use linux. It’s new information about linux and open sans. I didn’t know if linux use open sans as a default so thank you for this Greet notice.

about ID tribute-info : of course i didn’t notice that because i just think of it like class NOT id So Thank you again about this point. It’s greet notice.

i’ll try to change all these, thanks again