Tribute Page/First Project

Hey guys, i’m new to all this so I was simply trying to mimic the example project. I didn’t want to ask for help and just try to solve everything on my own so i’m sure the code is super sloppy. Any and all feedback is appreciated. I have thick skin so brutal honesty please. Thanks in advanced.

Sooo so sloppy :laughing: Sorry, I couldnt resist…

Not at all, actually you did awesome! Your page looks great, and theres only a couple things that I see… You have a well class div, but not actually using any of the styling for well.

The center tag around your image isnt something thats used anymore, you’ll instead want to put your image into a div with a center-text class.(Im fairly sure thats how to do it, I tried putting center-text as a class for the image itself and that didnt work…still learning Bootstrap. But I know for sure the center tag is out)

I see what youre doing with the
tag in your list…but I dont belive that is correct because that may cause some responsive issues… Use spaces to put padding between your list items… and to make a sub list item, create another unordered list with a set of list items… Not sure if thats correct or just personal preference speaking, so hopefully someone who knows better will pop in.

You did great though, dont be so hard on yourself!!!

Hi. Just want to say keep on coding. It will get easier with experience.
If you are very new, you have done a great job!
I have a couple of suggestions for you.

  1. Read html & css documentation at W3schools when ever you can, there are lots of helpful examples.
  2. has code validation tools that are easy to use. You can upload files or copy and paste from your text editor. Running the validation is a great way to
    learn what mistakes you have made in your code and it often points out how to correct it.
  3. May I suggest some video tutorials. Check out the go to the computer science section. Bucky has helped me alot.