Tribute Page for Critique

Hi Friends,

I created my tribute page with my 15 year old son in mind because he loves Star Wars. I learned a lot about coding, and I also learned a lot about Star Wars!

I was inspired also by fellow camper Mina, who completed her page on Walt Disney.

I have two issues that I know of in my tribute page. I’m struggling with Bootstrap buttons. I don’t understand how to get the “Learn more…” button to align center. Also, I think I’m having problems with the responsiveness on the Star Wars logo. On small phone devices, its scales really small. How do I code it so this is prevented?

Thanks for your feedback.

Star Wars Tribute Page

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Hi :slight_smile: add center-block to the button class.

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Hi, you could also make the div .col-sm-12 and remove the offset. The button will align itself. Because now the button is too big to fit the .col-sm-2.

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Or you can simply remove the col-sm-offset-5 col-sm-2 classes from the button’s parent. :slight_smile:


@Robin by the way it super awesome that you are doing this for your son! Let us know if any of the feedback helped! There are several great answers here!

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For the image, you could add “min-width: 200px;” to your logo class.

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Thanks guys!!

As Ben suggested, changing to the col-sm-12 did the trick!

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