Tribute Page for Robin Williams | Review and let me know

this is my first project on Free Code Camp, it brought a lot of challenges but also allowed me to think and problem solve. Please be kind and let me know what I can improve on or change. I am still having a lot of trouble with the grid system within Bootstrap lol!


Hey there looking really nice. My only advice for improvement is the top nav bar though when you expand its abit harder to read the text without hovering. One way to correct without loosing the white color scheme /transparency is learn and use css gradients, this way when scrolling the the text can ease to white or transparent white.

Anyways good job and your page is fit for purpose.

Glad to see you got the embed working :wink:. This looks great! It’s a very clean design that matches perfectly with the black and white photos. I also think the black and white photos tie together the idea of remembrance.

The only thing is just what Lee182 hit upon with the nav bar. It is especially tricky when the page is narrow.