Tribute Page for something everyone loves

Hey Everyone,

Just finished my tribute page to BEER! Let me know what you think, and any feedback is appreciated!

I’m pretty new myself, so I’m not sure how much I can contribute with. I would consider adding a target="_blank" to your <a> tags, so your links open in a new tab though.

The page itself looks good. The jumbotron could perhaps be aligned with the right edge of the pictures if nit-picking. Overall, I quite like it. I also happen to quite like beer. The two might be related, lol.

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I like your tribute page, it’s very clean and layed out wonderfully.

In regards to your design I want to offer you some suggestions. The white square works around the bear with the rest of your design but sometimes it won’t, make sure you know how to remove it or change it.

Add some white space at the bottom of the page, otherwise someone may not see the footer. It can get blocked by the download bar or anything that the user may have at the bottom of the screen.

You may want to add some space between Styles and Pale Ale and at the end or your wheat description, that’s just for readability.

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