Tribute Page - Free Code Camp Assignment #1

I would love feedback on this one.

Looks very good, really good.

I like the color scheme.
This is very good you hosted the text data using a controsted background colour, very good.

You also set alt attribute for the image, very good. Same the caption, very awesome, pro!

It’s responsive! very good, really good.

Some issues so far, the text is so small! yes, really, especially in list view, both in desktop and mobile view.

The quote block looks really rich! very good. if you could place a kind of large " character at the top right of the block could be awesome!

In mobile view, there is some spacing at the top I think it’s too much, you may apply less margin in body.

Since the main div is almost at 0 index in both left and right sides, you may remove the red border in mobile view.

The footer section is not readable! the links has not enough color contrast with bg colour, you may override the link default colors using a:link, a:visited, a:hover and a:action css rules. Or even host the footer with main div too! try it.

There is a very tiny(almost 1px) space between image and the container(border) at the right edge. If you remove the padding from top parent, it will be fixed.

I also suggest you apply a little more border radius for image container, and the same value for the image.

Opacity for image!? why?!

For css rules, try to use relative units over absolute units.

I really think this is a good job you done! perfect.

Keep going on great work, happy programming

Thank you for the comments. I am happy and shocked you like the color scheme!

I made the list font larger and is easier to read.

I used opacity for the image simply to keep it with the style. On a large desktop screen, it makes sense.

I may remake this one as I did just modify the original project that I had done from the last version of FCC.

I am wanting to get the other projects completed though.

Thanks again