Tribute page: comments and suggestions are welcomed!

Hi everyone,

I’ve completed the first version of my tribute page, and I’d love any feedback you could share! I’m interested in learning and improving.

Here it is: FCC-tribute-page

One specific question about this project is - where do you get color palettes from? I spent too long searching for matching colors (and I’m not pleased with the final coloring). So any specific tips on this area would also be appreciate - but please comment on any aspect of the project you feel needs improvement. I’m keen to learn!

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: and happy learning!

The color scheme and theme looks very rich, and retro. very good. Don’t worry about the colour too much. You may use an online tool like this.

You set caption, and image reference for the image, Awesome. But no any alt attribute for the image! please set alt.

You used grid for columns, personally I think placing some lengthy text in this way is not very good idea. They also come with different(not same) width values (20% 39% 39%), I think same sizes could be better?!

This grid form is broken in mobile devices, same for tabs, so hard to read, becasue of very narrow space!

One other way you would use to bring the grid/table like format is using inline-blocks, you may try.

Also try add some space between each column (at top and bottom)

You have also a good css rule (.link) which you used for two links(anchors) in your page, but some missed it. The easier way is using a:link rule which globally change default link colors (also considering a:visited, a:hover, and a:action)

The legend(Edison) image goes a little small in mobile view, this is becasue of the container of the image has 70% of width, this could be more for mobile.

About the main section, you may use less margin to use more space.

Keep going on great work, happy pyogramming

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@NULL_dev, Thanks for all the great suggestions, and for sharing your perspective. I agree with you, and made some changes already. I’ll keep perfecting it. Thanks for the tip about links (I added some later on, and forgot to add the class - very nice catch :slight_smile: ).

Can’t wait to move on to the survey page and return for more feedback :grinning:

AWESOME! really good, the new changes look very great, I really like the blinking lamp beside the Edison, but this could be great if it was up his head :smiley: haha :star_struck:, or maybe lamp over his eyes. cool.

Also I see some very good chnages about the grid(content), they really look good now, awesome. Yes really it looks for mobile now very good, awesome.

Keep going on great work, super awesome. happy programming

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Thank you! Your feedback really made the difference, and I really appreciate it.

About the light bulb: I had a hard time finding a free Edison image, and this one didn’t have that much space over his head! Otherwise I would have been happy to locate the bulb there :rofl:

Happy programming, and thanks again for the quick reply!