Tribute page help...weird behaviors

Hi Fellow Campers,

Thanks for reading this. I’m having some trouble with my tribute page. I can not get it to move to the center of the screen. So I have this really wide site. I’m thinking it has to with the margins…I also thought it could be the

that wasn’t it. Also in order to give credit for the photo from wikipedia used the photo as a link. But I notice that entire top of the page is a link…I think I can figure the second one out but the first issue I’ve been hacking at for an hour.

I’d appreciate any help I could get. Any feedback would be nice as well. Here’s the site:

Thanks again.


Page seems centered to me and I have no idea why and how since there are major errors in your HTML.
<div2> <div3> <p2> are not valid HTML tags, and some tags are in the wrong place. For example you have a <div2> (i assume you wanted to be a normal <div>) outside of your <body> tag which is a big nono. Keep in mind that whatever you put inside the HTML editor of Codepen is appended to <body></body> so you don’t need to wrap your code in another <body> tag in there.

About your second issue, it’s because you set your image style to display: block; blocks take the entire width of their container by default.

Tip1: If you click the down arrow of the HTML editor you can Analyze HTML and see any potentinal errors.
Tip2: You can go to Settings -> CSS and add external CSS there instead of adding it in <link> tags

Get back to me if you have any issues. Happy coding!

Thanks for the help! I’ll amend the site and see what happens. I was gasping a straws and going to all these sites for examples. It’s difficult to know how you want it to look and not be able to get it there. I was looking for it to look as if on a sheet a paper, for example, when you go to or the Quincy Larson example site.

Thanks again for your time and expertise.