Tribute page - lego inventor - Feedback appreciated!

Hey everyone,

I just finished my tribute page, and would appreciate any feedback. I also added a progress bar with some javascript, following a tutorial online (see codepen css for a link and reference). It’s my first “site” with bootstrap ever. So any feedback is welcome!

Great job. Responsive design and everything. Literally the only comment I have is the caption underneath the picture (that it’s not in the centre).

Thanks for your response! Now looking into flexbox to make my portfolio page. But that’s a new beast to tackle :sweat_smile:

The only suggestion I have is find a smaller sized image. The dimensions are fine, but the 4MB file takes a bit to load on a slower connection. Try to find something in the 100KB to 200KB range.

Also, you have a ton of JavaScript errors showing in the console you need to deal with if you want any of the JavaScript you have written to work. BTW - You only need one $(document).ready(function(){ ));

Thanks for the feedback. I appreciate it. I’ll look into the javascript errors, but I’m still pretty new to it, so I hope I’ll be able to figure it out!