Tribute Page (MLK) - Feedback appreciated

Hi everyone,

I would love to hear your feedback regarding the Tribute Page I made for the first FCC project (which also happens to be the first web page I’ve ever created). I know it’s super simple but I’m sure there are things that I can improve regardless.

Here it is:

Thanks in advance. :v:



This is an excellent tribute.

Good job on the responsive design, as well. Great use of media queries.

Thank you! The images at the bottom look a bit wonky at some browser widths but I’m not sure what I could do about it :thinking:

the problem is because you are setting a fixed height which means when the width is condensed the height will remain fixed distorting the image.

setting a width (which you have already done at 25%) then a height of auto or simply undefined will solve the problem.

you can also use a flexbox for the image row at the bottom which would be a nice little challenge to undertake and understand flex better. you can combine that with the responsive web design section of the training you’ve done to make the images fully responsive.

all in all good work. keep it up!

Thanks, removing the fixed height did the trick. I’ll also try to use flexbox and see how that goes, some extra practice definitely won’t hurt.

I think you should adjust the margin of the text part so that it look better in small screen device.
I scaled the screen to small scale and the paragraph look a bit too close to the edge of the screen.
I recommend using rem/em instead of px since it create a relative spacing

You’re right. I’ve added some extra margins for smaller screens and it looks much better. Thanks!