Tribute Page Not Scaling Properly On Mobile

I am finishing up my first project and I am running into an issue where the page isn’t showing up properly on mobile devices. I have used container-fluid and everything scales correctly when I resize it on the computer but when I open it on my phone or tablet it is super-sized. What am I missing?

For what it’s worth, I am attempting to do the project using only HTML and Bootstrap.



I think it’s because you haven’t used any rows or columns, just containers. Check this page for some info on that:

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Thanks for the tip, that got me closer. Now it scales properly to fit on mobile, but for some reason only the alt text shows up for the 1st image. Trying to figure that out now…

I think your problem might be imgur. Images stored there don’t load on Codepen for some reason. You should use another site to host your images. I use this one:

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Yep, I wondered if it might not have been a problem with that particular image since the other one was working fine with the same code so I swapped it out for a different url and then everything worked fine.

Thanks again for your help!