Tribute page won't scale for mobile

Can’t seem to figure out why this page won’t scale for mobile… any tips?

Avoid using margin and padding to the sides. If you really have to, I suggest using percent-based values instead of pixel-based ones.

You should go back and look at the Responsive Design with Bootstrap section and glance over it. It can help you with a mobile first approach to your website.

Take advantage of their classes such as “container” or “well” to help you organize your information.

I’m using a container-fluid class already (very first line) and an img-responsive class for the image.
Do I need to put everything into a row class and column class?

It would help out. Remember the lesson that mentioned that Bootstrap has a 12 column grid system? Well you can take advantage of that and make your website more responsive and scale better for mobile.

If you want, this is how I approached the project.

i put in a ‘row’ class and a ‘col-xs-12’ class, but it doesn’t look like it’s making much difference…
Same with putting in a ‘container-fluid’ class, any other ideas?

So it should be fine afterwards?

Give it a try :wink:
It looks fine to me.

It worked, thanks a ton!