Tribute Page - Project - Any feedback?

So… I made a tribute page, I know it’s very ugly but I think it’s the best I can do with my actual knowledge.
What can I improve? What can I do to look better? Any thought about the code?
I really appreciate all feedbacks. Thank you.

Great work my friend.
By my opinion … footer font should be bigger.

Congrats and keep up the good work !

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There is nothing ugly there. The image is lovely and the text is elegantly readable. I like her greed for knowledge and her saying it only made her more intelligent. She was brave but didn’t quite escape her culture’s restrictions and taboos for women. I was sorry to read she blamed Byron’s incestuous relation with Augusta Leigh on Augusta Leigh.

History’s bias is strong.

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First of all welcome to this community!
and second your page is in no way “ugly”, it’s simple and elegant I like that.

I see that it is not fully responsive, so you can fix that.

and I think you should add a footer because your page ends abruptly, I was thinking you can do something like this:

Watch videos on youtube about different css styles and effects and try to replicate them you’ll learn a lot. You can watch Kevin Powell, Online Tutorials, etc, there are many more.

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