Tribute Page Project Doubts

Hey guys!

I finished my lessons of Responsive Web Design and ill begin the tribute page project. I know i can to it by codepen but i saw that i have another option by using the cdn link.
I thought that i could do the project in Vscode with this link. Is it possible ?
Do you think doing through codepen is better than vscode?

Hi @maharishiI !

Just to clarify, you can build these projects in whatever environment you feel comfortable with.

But when it comes to submitting the project, it needs to be a live link.

If you want to build it in vs code that is fine.
You can just use the cdn link for the tests.
Then you can transfer your code over to codepen and submit the project.

You can also use github pages for the live site if you feel comfortable.

Hope that makes sense.

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Thanks for your answer. Ill send my project to get your feedback.