Tribute page-project feedback!

i just completed my first project !!!
waiting to hear your feedback :smiley:

Hey Kamili,

great work, I like it!

My ideas:

  • the bottom text is hard for me to read, probably because the line height is very small; increasing it would probably lead to a better readability

Keep us posted!

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It looks very nice and you’re passing all tests. It is nicely responsive and a good first project. Well done. I do feel that you can add more structure and meaning to your page.

You are using b-tags. These days it is advised to use strong tags. They create the same effect and they are semantic, screen readers pick up on them and add importance to the words.

I like the styling of the p-tag underneath the big title, it creates a sophisticated effect but I would change the p-tag into a heading because I feel it is a subtitle rather than just a sentence (I know, nitpicking)

I would use an id when I really need it. You’re using an h1 only once so why add an id? It only complicates your code. You can simply use h1 in the css. You’re also using a class desc-text but you don’t use it your css, instead you use p:first-of-type. I would take out the class.

I would group the h1, p and img together into a header tag. This add structure and meaning to your page

text-transform: capitalize : didn’t know that one yet, I learned something new today!

I would not use an h4 for the last sentence with the link. It’s not a heading, it’s a sentence. I would use a p tag and style it.

The background is nice. The main tag is nicely placed inside the page with the rounded borders and everything. Pleasant to the eye and well done.


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