Tribute Page Project - I got stuck

Hello everyone! Sorry for disturbing! I am working on my tribute page project and I am encountering an error which I do not know how to solve. I tried everything I could think of… :frowning: Can you please give me some suggestions? This is my code:

And I also took a print screen.

The id attribute needs to be for the <a> element not the <div> around it.


I found this viedo on HTML id attributes go have a look should help you a lot

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Just like ‘stresstressstresss’ said. You have the ID attribute on the div, it should be on the a element. just move the id from <div id="tribute-link">to <a HERE href="" target="_blank=">Read more here</a></div>

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Thank you, I have done that but I still receive the error. I cannot figure out why. I am starting to think there is something wrong with my brain


Yeey, I got it right now! 10/10… Ugh… Finally… :slight_smile: Thank you, I was so silly, I placed the = sign by mistake somewhere where I should not have placed it :slight_smile: