Tribute page project: Jorge Ibarguengoitia - Feedback

Hi everyone, I’ve just finished my first project of the Responsive Web Design Certifications, I would appreciate any feedback, thanks :).

Here is the link:

hi there, I took a look at your tribute page today and I wanted to share my thoughts with you.

First, the page has a nice clean design and you’ve covered everything you need to cover quite well.
There are some minor issues though that you may want to correct.

Here’s a screen shot for the first 2 issues I want to show you:

the caption for the image is not very clear because it overlaps the image border. Perhaps you need to find a way to move it down a bit so it always rests on the dark background (immediately below the image).
the link has a standard dark blue color which is not very complimentary for your tribute page colors. You can easily change that in the css and pick a better color and style for your page.

Next screen shot shows your page when I resized the browser to emulate a smaller cell phone type screen:

As you can see, your image has shrunk too much. What you can look into to fix that is to set it to 100% width in the case of smaller screen width (using the @media tag).

Hope this feedback helps and I hope you are doing well on the other projects too.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, I’ll be adding some fixes based on it :slight_smile:

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